Beautiful Lake Tahoe 

Today we decided to take the highway up into the mountains and over to Lake Tahoe.

Well what a beautifully scenic day! Every twist of the road along the way revealed a stunning new view, from snow capped mountains to misty tree lined cliff faces, beautiful cool rivers slowly meandering through the valleys to jaw dropping waterfalls! And then Lake Tahoe suddenly came into view!  Continue reading

Gold mines and Nevada City.

So after a wonderful week in Bodega Bay we set off on our first move to Nevada city. We decided to visit this area as we wanted to explore the gold rush that happened here and hopefully learn about the mining that went on. Arriving late Saturday afternoon at our new Airbnb home, our hosts kindly invited us out with them and their family to a Halloween dinner at their local church. So after a quick freshen up and a quick diy Halloween costume session for the girls we set off not knowing what a wonderful Continue reading

Beautiful Bodega Bay beach 

After our early bedtime last night (the girls were asleep at 5pm) we were all perfectly wide awake at 2am! 😳 thank you jet lag! Thankfully however we managed to doze, read, and generally chill till 6am when we got up and made varing types of breakfast with bread and eggs (the only food we picked up last night!)..scrambled, boiled, eggy bread, toast with cut out eggs in middle!

So today’s first port of call was a supermarket! So washed and dressed off we set to Continue reading

And so the adventure begins!

Well the day finally arrived! I think I’ve been in a bit of a blur this last week with all the last minute organising, school activities and goodbyes to friends and family! So just a quick summary of the longest day ever!!!!(so Molly tells me!) Up early all dashing around getting washed and ready to go…savouring that last cup of PGtips! Got to the airport with lots time, started our new airport game spotting people with strange clothes/belonging….winner goes to the lady in front of us taking a gigantic twisted antelope horn through security 😳  Continue reading