I thought this deserved its own post!

We booked our trip to Alcatraz a few weeks ago as we had heard it’s so popular and gets booked up. So we were so pleased that the day we booked turned out to be a stunning day with clear blue skies and warm sunshine. 

We took the boat over and after docking had a bit of a mandatory speech to listen to about all the rules! No eating here, glad she told Daisy that!!!!

We Then decided to head straight for the cell block at the centre, where we could all pick up a free audio tour. I was a little concerned that it might be a bit scary, for Daisy especially, but no the girls loved it! (well apart from the small isolation cell, but even I didn’t fancy stepping inside!) It’s weird how your heart rate quickens when you enter a teeny cell! 😳

It was so fascinating to learn about how it all worked, the people that lived there, not only the inmates but wardens and families. And especially all the escape attempts! Highly recommend a great trip! 

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