A couple of busy days…Armstrong Redwoods, the Marine Mammal Centre and the Golden Gate Bridge! 

Well we’ve had a busy couple of days over here! Not put off by the storm that just passed through, we traveled north to the Armstrong Redwoods. Wow were they impressive! We parked our car at the visitors centre and walked in for free, and I think all I kept saying was “wow that’s a BIG tree!” “Oh wow look at that BIG tree!” I think I got a few “yeah we can see mum!” From the girls!

But wow they were amazing, these coastal Redwoods only grow here and nowhere else in the world due to the perfect moist mist in summer and rain in winter conditions. It really rained while we were in the grove but it was lovely, like being in a rainforest and we found some trees to climb inside and shelter.

Today was another grumpy looking weather day so we decided to take a trip the the Marine Mammal centre, which is basically a hospital for injured marine mammals. They had a few patients in, mainly Californian sea lions but our favourite was an elephant seal pup called Bilbow! Bilbow had encountered a shark attack a few months back and lived to tell the tale! He was in a pretty bad way when he arrived but the centre have nursed him back to tiptop condition and he’s set to be released this Saturday. Happy cheers all round!

Afterwards we took the coastal road to the viewing spots for the Golden Gate Bridge. We were very pleased the rain stopped and the sun came out. We trekked the girls right to the top and the view was impressive, Such an incredible construction! After a few attempts at a four person with Bridge selfie, a kind passer by swooped in and took a fab family shot to remember the day!

Hope you like the photos.

Lucy xx

6 thoughts on “A couple of busy days…Armstrong Redwoods, the Marine Mammal Centre and the Golden Gate Bridge! 

  1. Helen sylvester says:

    Hi team! Glad all is well, I hope the house is working out. When we stood in that spot on the hills next to the bridge my main concern is that the bins are bear proof! I got back in the car pretty quick! Grandpapi was pleased to hear from you. Now go explore and have fun! Love from us x


    • lucyemccarthy says:

      Hey Helen! House is amazing! The girls especially love it, Molly keeps telling me how nice it is and how she wants her house to be like this! Oh didn’t see the bear proof bin sign 😳 last night we had a big raccoon visit the front deck of house! Very exiting!
      Off to San Fran today to visit Alcatraz. Sending love right back, hope half term is going well xxxx


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