Adios Peru 🇵🇪 …ola Brazil! 🇧🇷 

I felt like it had been ages since I posted about what we’ve been up to, so much seems to have happened but actually it’s only been 3 days! Funny how that happens.

As you can imagine Machu Picchu was quite a high point for us, so the following couple of days we spent our time taking life a little slower. We woke up late, caught up on some home schooling, cooked, browsed the markets and just sort of lived life in the city of Cusco.  Continue reading

Deepest, darkest Peru, Machu Picchu! 

As I type I am sitting in the train station waiting for our Peru rail train back to cusco, after a very exciting, adventurous and dusty couple of days, exploring the hidden lost city of Machu Picchu high in the Andes mountains.

We arrived the day before heading up to Machu Picchu, as everyone here seems to do. The 4 hour train journey from Poray, near Cusco, traveled through the beautiful sacred valley following the rocky river, past corn fields, cattle grazing and small stone Continue reading

A few days in Cusco, Peru.

After an surprise overnight stay in Lima due to our cancelled flight, we were pleased to get up in the air and on our way to Cusco, the Inca capital! After a couple of bad nights sleep (Limas feria was on!) I could have fallen fast asleep for the hours flight, however the views over the Andes mountains on the early morning flight were so stunning I spent the whole flight looking out the window! Continue reading

Lima, Peru

So we have finally arrived in Lima, Peru! Yesterday was a long old day of travel, a 7 hour flight from Los Angeles to Bogota, then a little wait in the Colombian airport for our connecting 3 hour flight on to Lima. We finally made it to our new Airbnb in the Barranco area at 3am local time, so we pretty much crawled into our beds and dropped off to the land of nod!  Continue reading

San Diego 

We arrived in San Diego yesterday lunchtime and straight away I knew we didn’t have enough time in this lovely city! Bummer! 😕 Mind you I think I could happily stay here for weeks! Pristinely clean leafy streets, modern architecture, sweet family’s playing in the park, and a very relaxed and chilled out vibe!  Continue reading