San Diego 

We arrived in San Diego yesterday lunchtime and straight away I knew we didn’t have enough time in this lovely city! Bummer! 😕 Mind you I think I could happily stay here for weeks! Pristinely clean leafy streets, modern architecture, sweet family’s playing in the park, and a very relaxed and chilled out vibe! 

We have rented a gorgeous studio through Airbnb again and well we are all a bit smitten and feel totally at home in it! Me especially as I can tell the owner is as much a Zara home addict as I am!

Our main reason for coming to San Diego was the world famous zoo, so this studio a short drive from Balboa park was situated perfectly with our short time frame.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon after arriving walking down to the harbour through very cool little Italy. We stopped for a yummy pizza for a late lunch/early dinner and got to the harbour before sunset. We got a sunset view of USS midway the aircraft carrier stationed here and the girls enjoyed playing in a cool play park nearby before heading home.

Today we woke up to a gorgeous sunrise and set off for the zoo early! It’s enormous so we made sure we had comfy shoes on! After getting through the entrance we went straight for the free bus tour to get an overall look at the park and work out our top must see! We decided for us it was the pandas, orangutans, polar bears, hippos…giraffes….well actually pretty much all of it! 😂

So we just set off and started walking around, luckily we managed to get a ticket to do the giraffe feeding, as they only do this at the weekends. So special, boy they have long tongues!

The zoo itself is very impressive, the viewing areas for the animals have such huge glass sides giving you a great view into the fantastic habitats they have created. It was so amazing to have such wonderful animals like silverback gorillas just a few cms away!

We spent the entire day at the zoo! Phew exhausting! But wow what a zoo, Loved it!

On the way home web stopped at the park at the end of the street as we could see lots of families enjoying the end of the day sun, the girls ran off to play and Den and I enjoyed a peaceful moment alone whilst we watched from the side.

After getting back to our studio we had a mammoth clothes washing session whilst dinner was cooking! We leave for Peru on Monday so I just wanted to set off with most things washed and cleaned! Tomorrow we travel back to Los Angeles to our airport hotel, and our last night in California! Three weeks has flown by already, It’s been crazy but great! Xx

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One thought on “San Diego 

  1. Kathie-mum-granny says:

    Well once again a wonderful description and beautiful set of photos to wake up to!! What a wonderful day you all had. 😎😘💕💕


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