Chocolate making, pre Inca ruins and a water light show….a busy day! 

What a busy day! Today we took an uber ride over to the next district along in Lima, Miraflores. We booked in on a great Peruvian chocolate making class and tour….thought that could be today’s learning! 😂

We arrived early fortunately, which meant we had to try out the menu, Den and I indulged in some amazing chocolate brownies and the girls some scrummy ice cream!

We all learnt about the process of cocoa bean to chocolate bar (guess what it’s the mosquitos that pollinate them!) and then got down to making our own chocolates and trying lots of different chocolate liquors and jams!!

We all had our own moulds and after filling with our desired chocolate (dark or milk) we then added all sorts of flavours from sea salt to chilli, the girls went for gummy bear! Great fun!

We then walked down to the beautiful coastal road, to see the stunning cliff views. Such a pretty area with mosaic seating all the way along, I think we could have happily rested there all afternoon soaking up the rays and watching the surfers out at sea, catching the waves.

We then jumped in another taxi to the pre inca site Huaca Pucllana, a huge pyramid structure right in the centre of Lima! It was abandoned thousands of years ago and was hidden under a mound of earth and has recently been excavated to uncover the hidden city! We learnt all about how the ancient Lima people lived,  worshipped the sea, all about the sacrifices 😳 and what life was like for them! Very interesting.

After this we should have gone home as we were pretty pooped, but decided to jump in another uber car to the night water show near the national stadium. Well so glad we did and also that I had packed a spare set of clothes for the girls in my bag! It was like a water firework display, the fountains kept changing their water displays and coloured lights changed from rainbows to various colours! Such a beautiful sight. The girls also loved all the water mazes, jumping in and out of the spouting water jets…and got totally soaked but were very happy!

After another uber drive home we are completely tired out and ready for bed!

6 thoughts on “Chocolate making, pre Inca ruins and a water light show….a busy day! 

  1. Sarah beckman says:

    So mosquitos do have one reason for being here other than to just annoying us, maybe I will stop trying to hit them!
    Sounds like another amazing day, the chocolate place looks like my kind of place!
    Lots of love xxxxx


  2. Linda McCarthy says:

    I didn’t realise how interesting Lima was – so many things to do and see – I think you have just put Lima on the Map – especially the water light show oh and maybe the ruins and of course the chocolate xxxxxx


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