A historical walking tour of Lima with Hakutours 

Today we have been on a fantastic historical walking tour of Lima with a great non profit company called Hakutours.

About 70 percent of the population of Lima live in the shantytown area of Lima and hakutours pours all its money from its local tours into helping people from this low income area, from building schools for local children to providing soup kitchens for hundreds of people.

We were lucky enough to have two tour guides with us today, Jimmy and Jonny, both so very friendly and great at talking and explaining everything to the girls. They kindly picked us up from our apartment at 9:15am and drove us to Limas historic centre.

On the drive in they talked about the history of Lima, the inca people, the traditions, the Spanish invading and so much more…with many pictures to show the girls. We all listened and absorbed, and Daisy asked numerous questions which they joyfully welcomed!

We visited some amazing Catholic Churches (these were built over the pyramids torn down by the Spanish) and catacombs underground full of bones, Jimmy told the girls all the hidden secrets, which they loved. He even bought them little llama key rings and sweet churros (a yummy sugar coated pastry with sweet honey in the middle)from the street seller. Very delicious! 😋

We then took a tour of the main piazzas in the city with their amazing balconies and waterfountains and got to see the  presidents palace, which luckily was doing a musical changing of the guard as we arrived!

We also took a little detour through the oldest cafe in Lima, to look at all the local dishes! Guineapig anyone????

Such a good day, i can’t tell you all we have learnt today, it was like the best history lesson! Hakutours sure were amazing!

After being dropped home and a bit of lunch we set to journaling to try and capture as much of the information as we could. The girls wrote some great accounts and some lovely pictures.

To finish off a busy day we took another stroll around Barranco to pick up a few grocerys, and we decided to all pick an unusual Peruvian fruit to study tomorrow! Mine looks like a spikey cucumber and Daisys looks like a soft brown coconut!!!! We’re going to give them all a try afterwards so tomorrow will be interesting! 😳

Lucy x

7 thoughts on “A historical walking tour of Lima with Hakutours 

  1. Kathie-mum-granny says:

    Another wonderful account!!! Spikey cucumber Lucy? Remember the BFG!! 😄😄 lovely to talk to you all again last night. 😘💕💕💕💕💕💕


  2. Valerie says:

    What a wonderful way to learn history, geography & horticulture . I wish my lessons had been this fascinating.
    You guys must be having such a great time.


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