Beautiful Bodega Bay beach 

After our early bedtime last night (the girls were asleep at 5pm) we were all perfectly wide awake at 2am! 😳 thank you jet lag! Thankfully however we managed to doze, read, and generally chill till 6am when we got up and made varing types of breakfast with bread and eggs (the only food we picked up last night!)..scrambled, boiled, eggy bread, toast with cut out eggs in middle!

So today’s first port of call was a supermarket! So washed and dressed off we set to Safeway in the closest big town 30 mins away. Well wow everything in America is massive not just the roads, cars, skies…but the milk too! Smallest I could get was a gallon! However I don’t think Den’s complaining about his super sized beers! 🍻

So after some lovely lunch back at the house, not involving any eggs! We scrambled out the back garden into the dunes and set off to find Bodega bay beach!

Wow what a find! After following our noses along through the dunes along the winding trails and long grasses, we climbed over the last dune to the most wonderful vast beach! The waves were crashing along the shore and the wide beach was covered in all sorts of treasures, washed up white drift wood, huge seaweed, crabs, nuts, shells…the girls could hardly contain their excitement! We had the whole beach to ourselves and walked along finding hideaways and drift wood constructions by past beach inhabitants, the sun warm but the sea air cool! Just lovely!

So home now, we are tired again but all stayed up and keeping fingers and toes crossed for no 2am wake ups tomorrow!

Lucy x

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Bodega Bay beach 

  1. Kathie-mum-granny says:

    What a beach!! What a wonderful start!! The girls look like a couple of Robinson Crusoes !! You will need another bag for treasure!! 😀😀😘💕💕


  2. hannahil33 says:

    Gorgeous beach and looks like some lovely treasures were found. Hope u have enjoyed a gallon of tea with that milk!!! Lots of love all of u X X x


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