Gold mines and Nevada City.

So after a wonderful week in Bodega Bay we set off on our first move to Nevada city. We decided to visit this area as we wanted to explore the gold rush that happened here and hopefully learn about the mining that went on. Arriving late Saturday afternoon at our new Airbnb home, our hosts kindly invited us out with them and their family to a Halloween dinner at their local church. So after a quick freshen up and a quick diy Halloween costume session for the girls we set off not knowing what a wonderful evening was ahead of us. Nancy and David our hosts, and her family were just so kind and made us feel like part of their family. At the church many families had gathered all bringing lots of warm delicious dishes, desserts, drinks and we felt so welcome. I think it was the best dinner we’ve had here! Everyone seemed very interested in this crazy family from England that was traveling the world, and it was so nice to chat and meet so many kind and interesting people.

The girls especially loved the ‘trunk or treat’ that was set up in the car park! Basically each family had parked up their trucks/cars and opened their boots which were decorated with all sorts of Halloween decorations, from pumpkins to smoke machines! Each truck had a large bowl of treats and the children excitedly dashed from boot to boot collecting lots of candy and treats! Such a great idea! We now have so many sweets to get through and Halloween still hasn’t arrived yet!!!!

So after a fun night we returned to our cosy Airbnb which is an apartment built above the family garage. We had a great sleep and enjoyed yummy bagels and apple juice left for us by Nancy for breakfast.

Today we have been to visit the Empire State and North Star mines, we had a fascinating tour of the yards, mine, cottages and blacksmith. It has been such an interesting day learning all about the different processes that gold was found and mined.

It is the end of the season here so it was very quiet and we ended up having our own personal tour guides! The blacksmith even made us traditional prairie diamond rings! Rings made from iron nails that were used by families traveling in the gold rush! Very kind!

Well better dash

Lucy xx

2 thoughts on “Gold mines and Nevada City.

  1. Hanna hill says:

    Wow what a fantastic time u are having, such an experience to be invited out by your hosts to celebrate with them. Love the photos and reading this. X x


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