Beautiful Lake Tahoe 

Today we decided to take the highway up into the mountains and over to Lake Tahoe.

Well what a beautifully scenic day! Every twist of the road along the way revealed a stunning new view, from snow capped mountains to misty tree lined cliff faces, beautiful cool rivers slowly meandering through the valleys to jaw dropping waterfalls! And then Lake Tahoe suddenly came into view! 

Wow! This stunningly beautiful fresh water lake is at 6000ft above sea level, 22 miles long and 12 miles wide, with over 72 miles of shore line! Its pretty huge and pretty gorgeous!

We drove down the west side and stopped at scenic spots jumping out to take in the incredible views…and snap one or two pictures!!!! We all got very excited when we spotted lots of glinting golden specks in the rock pools of a waterfall, only fools gold but still very exciting! Even fished some out of the icy water for the journals! Brrr!

The girls (and us😊!) were very excited at seeing the snow, and even managed to build a mini snowman!

At the moment we are here in between summer and winter seasons, you can camp here during summer and ski here at winter…..Dad you would love it!

Well hope you like the pics! I have far too many to share so will pick my favourites!

Love lucy x

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