Okay don’t hate me, but I’m writing this journal entry from the relaxing hammock hanging in the front porch of our new home!

So after a full week in Rio we packed up our bags, picked up our little hire car (bit of a squeeze fitting us all in, but we did it, we will not be beaten!!!👊) and drove our way down the warm and bumpy coastal road to Paraty.  Continue reading

Gold mines and Nevada City.

So after a wonderful week in Bodega Bay we set off on our first move to Nevada city. We decided to visit this area as we wanted to explore the gold rush that happened here and hopefully learn about the mining that went on. Arriving late Saturday afternoon at our new Airbnb home, our hosts kindly invited us out with them and their family to a Halloween dinner at their local church. So after a quick freshen up and a quick diy Halloween costume session for the girls we set off not knowing what a wonderful Continue reading