Beautiful Byron Bay 

What a place! We’ve all fallen totally in love with this cool surfer town!

We drove in late Wednesday afternoon with the camper van and found a sunny spot on a campsite literally a skip and a hop from the gorgeous beach! 

Before we did anything we were on the beach, pristine sands, water so warm and crystal clear, and all so beautiful in the evening sun! We knew straight away we’d arrived somewhere special.

I think anyone who’s been here will know what I mean when I say this town has a real bohemian soul! Such a chilled out, relaxed and friendly place with its warm balmy days, endless beaches, and reliable surf waves! We’ll definitely be leaving a little piece of our heart behind when we leave tomorrow! The two days we’ve spent here haven’t been anywhere near enough, and we’ll be leaving wanting more…we’ll just have to come back one day!

We’ve loved the soft sandy beaches and walked all the way along, up to the beautiful white lighthouse that stands proudly at the most easterly point of Australia! The views from the top were just gorgeous!

Molly and Den have had surfing lessons with the Byron Bay Surf School, Daisy was a little too young so we watched from the Beach, built sandcastles and body surfed, whilst keeping mental notes on what they were doing so I could have a go when we hired our own boards!

Well no surprises, Molly was a natural, up on her feet on the first wave in! Incredible! By the end of her 2 hour lesson the coach was even teaching her tricks! She definitely has the bug, and was already picking out a board in the surf shop!

The evenings in town are lively, with many street performers and musicians, we’ve watched fire artists, acrobats, and listened to musicians with the crowd of people on the green by the beach. The girls have also loved the beach front play park, and we’ve been there so many times in our short time here it unreal!

Well tonight’s our last night, not only for Byron Bay but also the campervan, it’s been so much fun traveling around, and such a great way to see this beautiful area of Australia. We’ve loved it but I must admit I’m secretly looking forward to a bed and a little more space!

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Byron Bay 

  1. Linda McCarthy says:

    I loved the girls hats – and Molly giving the thumbs up coming in from the surf, such confidence. Such a clean place – it looks beautiful, I am sure you will be back one day xxxxx


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