South West Rocks and Bellingen 

We are happily getting use to life in the campervan, helped by the air con! Today it’s a sweltering 40 degrees and we are hiding out in the Bellingen Library reading lots of books, researching Austrailian animals and generally keeping cool! 

We spent the last two days in South West Rocks on a nice river side campsite a short walk from the beach. The sites are much quieter now that the school holidays have finished and we were lucky enough to get a powered site right next to the river where we could watch all the pelicans swimming up and down stream!

We spent quite a bit of time at the sandy beach at horseshoe bay, the water was a clear turquoise, and the waves were big and great fun for jumping in!  The sand even squeeked it was so perfect!

We also absolutely loved the river by our campsite, it had a strong tidal current but was so shallow in the middle with a sandy floor, and you could easily sit and relax in the cool waters.

We also brought our goggles with us and were amazed by the abundance of water life around us! The girls, well actually all of us loved watching all the different fish swimming all around us, well Daisy wasn’t quite so keen on the sting ray! Just so amazing!

Yesterday we drove inland to the gorgeous little bohemian town of Bellingen, we stopped at the information centre on the way in and were pointed to the show grounds where we could camp for the night. As the weather was so hot, we decided to head up to the Dorrigo National Rainforest to get some shade! We took in the beautiful views on the canopy sky walk and then trekked down into the noisy bird filled rainforest.

We walked all the way down to Crystal shower falls where we could walk behind the cool waterfall, and we were going to have a paddle in pool at the bottom until we spotted the eels and many lizards! 😳 Um next time!

In the evening we enjoyed our peaceful campsite next to a paddock of ponies (much to Daisys delight!) ….although come dusk the chorus between the kookaburras, galahs and flying foxes made absolutely sure my children weren’t the noisiest in the campsite!

Today as well as cooling off in the library we have had a wander around this sweet town! So many cute little shops, the girls loved the toy shop full of beautiful toys, Molly sat down and did some colouring and Daisy played with the schleich figures and the tree house (grandad we have a project for you!!! 😘)

We also stopped by yet another Gelato shop (it’s 40 degrees we’re living off the stuff!) so so scrummy….I think we’ll be back!

Well tomorrow we head back to the coast…and to hopefully cooler weather!!

3 thoughts on “South West Rocks and Bellingen 

  1. hannahil33 says:

    Lovely post, I can only imagine how hot it is. Love the pic of Daisy in just her dungarees in the toy shop. Hope u find cooler weather. Didn’t Molly want to swim with eels??? X x x

    Liked by 1 person

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