Camper Van travels 

What a crazy 24 hours we’ve had! Yesterday morning we left the gorgeous Blue Mountains to drive back towards the coast and start our journey up to Brisbane.

We packed up from our lovely little campsite, which was a great site for us newbies on the campervaning front, electric hook up, water, nice clean..warm showers and even a nice playpark for the kids! We set off for…well we had no idea…just thought we’d follow our noses!

As we knew we would be driving along for quite a while I thought it would be a good time to get some schooling done. So I took it in turns to sit in the back with each of the girls (one on one learning seems to be working best at the moment!) so we did English and then a brief history of Australia, time well spent!

It’s great to be able to be driving along and then pull over when ever we want to, for a drink and snack by the side of the road! I think we’re all a little in love with our house on wheels! We luckily have a 6 berth camper so the middle area can stay as a table and seats permanently, which is very handy.

After a couple of hours driving we reached the coast and began heading north. The sun was shinning, we had blue skies and it was getting hotter and hotter! We began driving through the very scenic Myall Lakes National Park, an area with twinklingly clear fresh water lakes surrounded by mangroves, tropical bush and eucalyptus trees. On the other side, soft white sand dunes meeting the crashing turquoise waves of the Pacific Ocean! So much natural beauty in one little area!

Along the road to our delight there were signs to watch out for kangaroos and koalas, So we were all looking out hopefull of a sighting! So far no luck!

Towards 4 o’clock we thought it best to start looking for a campsite, and luckily came across Mungo Brush campground. They were fully booked, but we were so lucky, as the people who had been staying in the prime spot next to the lake had left a day early and we were offered the space! Boy did we feel blessed to be parking up with a beautiful lake beach 20 mtrs from our camper van door!

Well I think five minutes after arriving we were all in our swimwear and in the water cooling off! The girls instantly made friends with the children on the next sites and Den and I couldn’t believe our luck as we got out the chairs, poured a glass of wine and just sat and watched as the sun went down and the stars came out! ✨ magical!

This morning we woke to the beautiful blue lake and again went for a refreshing morning swim! We then decided to take the short walk through the bush to the sand dunes and see the mighty ocean! It’s not a swimming beach as the waves are huge and have a very strong under current, plus we had heard you can often see the juvenile great white sharks swimming around! So after a quick walk we decided to head back to camp for another swim in the safe lake to cool off!

When we got back all the other children were splashing about and trying the catch the fish swimming around their legs with nets, and the girls were in straight away again making friends and nattering away! It’s lovely to see how much they’ve grown in confidence during our travels, they really do chat away to anyone now!

Unfortunately the camping spot we had, was booked for the next night so we began packing up and thought we’d drive a little further up the coast. When all of a sudden a huge monitor lizard wandered into camp! It was so funny everyone was just getting on with what they were doing and he just walked straight through with not many people noticing him! What a sight!

So by lunch time we were back on the road again, and we actually ended up driving all day along the beautiful coast, we stopped at seal rocks which was gorgeous, but unfortunately no room in the campsite. So we continued on and eventually ended up at south west rocks finding a campsite by the river not far from the beach! It’s been quite a long day but lovely to just drive along and at the drop of a hat stop here, or go there!

Tonight we have had dinner to the sounds of noisy cockatoos, kookaburras and other birds we don’t yet know the names off! The river has lots of pelicans swimming along and we’re still hopefull of spotting dolphins! Exciting times!

One thought on “Camper Van travels 

  1. Linda McCarthy says:

    WOW what a busy day = such beautiful scenery. Every day is different and exciting, I love your blog its so interesting – can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings xxxxxx


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