The Blue Mountains in the camper van

After a whirl wind couple of days in fabulous Sydney we excitedly picked up our camper van yesterday! We could hardly contain our excitement, a little (well actually not that little!) home on wheels!!!!!

We tried to keep outwardly calm when we collected the keys and got shown how everything worked! But as soon as we had turned the corner out of the rental yard we were all mega smiles and giggles exploring every nook and cranny, and after a trip to the supermarket all our little cupboards were stored with yummy food and we set off for the blue mountains!

The drive took about 2 hours to reach the mountains and on the way in we stopped at the information centre at the first lookout, echo point, to get maps and information on best things to see in the national park whilst we were here.

So after collecting all we needed we took a look from the view point and could luckily (it was a little cloudy!) see the famous three sisters sandstone rock formations! The girls loved it when we told them the legend of how the three peeks were three sisters that had fallen in love with three brothers from a enemy tribe and had been turned to stone by a clever man in the tribe to stop them being taken when war broke out, but unfortunately the clever man was killed so they could never be returned to their human form!

After a little trek around the cliffs and forest we decided to head for our campsite. After checking in and figuring out the hook up situation, we happily turned on our lights and cooked our dinner to the sounds of the kookaburra laughing in the trees, the sun went down and eventually we all settled down for our first night in the camper van!

Surprisingly we all slept in, with all the curtains closed it stayed so dark inside and we were all just so cosy under our snuggly duvets!

After dragging ourselves out of bed, some breakfast and showers we closed our doors and windows, clipped everything down, and set off for a day of exploring!

Well I’ll say one thing the Blue Mountains sure are dramatic, steep rocky cliffs covered in strongly scented eucalyptus forests, deep valleys, cool waterfalls and so much wild life! The girls loved spotting the shinny lizards as we trekked along through the bush! The mountains have a blue haze to them due to the light reflecting off the eucalyptus oil droplets and dust particles, at times they were really blue and so beautiful.

We visited Govetts Leap and Wentworth Falls taking some walking treks down and along the cliffs..lord only knows how many steps we’ve done! πŸ˜… great but boy we’re tired!

We then returned to the campsite early evening to do a little journaling, Den cooked a delicious dinner while the girls ran around the campsite having fun and I did the washing! (Oh the joys!)

This evening we have listened to the kookaburras again (oh the excitement as one landed in the tree by the back of the van!) eaten popcorn and played our new favourite game sequence. We’re all pretty tired from a busy day and outside its looking a little drizzly so I think early nights all round before we set off to a new destination tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “The Blue Mountains in the camper van

  1. hannahil33 says:

    Looks and sounds amazing and I can only imagine how lovely it is to be sleeping in the camper van with all the lovely sounds outside. And if I know u Lucy, you will have made it extra cosy for everyone. Missing u loads, wishing we were there. Sending big hugs and kisses 😘


  2. Linda McCarthy says:

    Crikey I can see what you mean about the walking …..I love the way the girls look after each other….I can’t wait to read about your adventures tomorrow……sleep tight !!!!!!


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