Bangkok, the Grand Palace and Wat Pho

We arrived back in Bangkok on Monday after a fantastic week in Chiang Mai.

After a day of schooling and getting our bearings in this hot and crazy capital, we decided to head over to the Grand Palace.

We had heard it was very busy, especially during Thailands year of mourning, so we set off straight after breakfast! We jumped in a cab outside our Airbnb and turned the corner Continue reading

Beautiful Chiang Mai

We were all excited to be flying up to Chiang Mai not only because we had heard so much about this beautiful city in northern Thailand , but also because we were finally getting to see Nanny (Dens mum) after 5 months away!

Our plane landed mid morning and because we were a domestic flight from Bangkok, there weren’t any immigration queues to pass through, so we were whizzing our way in a taxi to the hotel in no time!  Continue reading

Thailand Kite Festival 

Yesterday was our last day in Hua Hin before the final drive up to Bangkok so we decided to hit the beach!

There are so many beautiful beaches along this stretch of coast, it was difficult to choose, so we decided to look on line for a nice family friendly one. We were pleased to find out that Cha Am beach, which wasn’t too far away was holding the International kite flying competition this weekend at one end of its beach! So we packed ourselves a picnic and set off on the car!  Continue reading

East coast of Thailand 

After our time in the jungle we had just over a week before our next flight from Bangkok to a Chiang Mai, so we decided to drive north east to the coast of the gulf of Thailand.

We find it better for everyone if we stay for a minimum of three nights anywhere, so we decided to head to Chumphon and had found a hotel online that appeared to have a family room so we could all be in together.  Continue reading

Khao Sok 

So our first pit stop on this Thailand road trip is Khao Sok, we’re staying at a riverside bungalow in the heart of the jungle.

A perfectly designed wooden home on stilts, reached by a wooden walkway raised above the leafy jungle floor and with a veranda overlooking the passing stream.  Continue reading


It took us a little while to decide on what to do in Thailand, just so many lovely places to visit! We ended up going for hiring a car and taking a bit of a road trip, that way we could take in as much of this beautiful country as possible.

So we decided to fly from Kuala Lumpur into Phuket, massively swayed by finding a gorgeous Airbnb in Rawai! A private pool in budget…it just had to be done!  Continue reading