Thailand Kite Festival 

Yesterday was our last day in Hua Hin before the final drive up to Bangkok so we decided to hit the beach!

There are so many beautiful beaches along this stretch of coast, it was difficult to choose, so we decided to look on line for a nice family friendly one. We were pleased to find out that Cha Am beach, which wasn’t too far away was holding the International kite flying competition this weekend at one end of its beach! So we packed ourselves a picnic and set off on the car! 

It was pretty busy as you can imagine and finding a parking space near the beach was tricky but eventually after driving up and down for a little while we got lucky with a spot right by the shore! We decided to head straight for the  area on the beach where the competition was happening, which you couldn’t miss…they were so colourful and huge! There was even a large blue whale among flying dragons, fish, caterpillars, all really impressive!

A large stage was set up under the shade of the palm trees, chilled out jazz was playing through the speakers, and family’s were happily walking around looking at all the international entries. Such a lovely atmosphere!

Nearby there were many stalls selling kites in every shape and size, along with workshops to make your own. The girls and I enjoyed making a wind dream catcher out of tissue paper, a traditional craft for celebrations to capture angels and hold onto happy dreams! Daisy loved it!

After finally choosing our Kite we headed back along the beach and hired out some sun beds by the waters edge. The sun was very hot so it was nice to have some shade.

The day passed by very quickly with swimming in the warm sea, sand castles, kite flying and the girls even had a pony ride!

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