Beautiful Chiang Mai

We were all excited to be flying up to Chiang Mai not only because we had heard so much about this beautiful city in northern Thailand , but also because we were finally getting to see Nanny (Dens mum) after 5 months away!

Our plane landed mid morning and because we were a domestic flight from Bangkok, there weren’t any immigration queues to pass through, so we were whizzing our way in a taxi to the hotel in no time! 

On arriving there was lots of excited hugs and kisses, and we all had a chance to sit down and catch up while our room was being prepared.   Once the room was ready we slightly unpacked, we seem to generally live out the suitcases now saves constantly packing/unpacking as we move around! But it’s always nice to hang up the couple of dresses we have with us in a wardrobe! Simple pleasures hey!

Our first afternoon passed by very quickly as we chatted away by the hotel pool, catching up on all our news from home and enjoying the warm sunshine….we even ordered some cheeky cocktails!

In the evening we decided to head out for dinner but not before heading to the night street market, which happens to be in the next street along from the hotel! Very handy! The girls picked out some pretty beaded bracelets with elephant charms and some soft printed trousers. Daisy says she feels like Jasmin from Aladdin in hers, and is going to wear them all the time! She does make me laugh!

The old town of Chiang Mai is built on a sort of square precinct with a surrounding moat and an old wall that has fallen down in some areas. Within the moat are many pretty streets with blossom trees along the pavements and little stalls selling fresh fruits and sweet treats to passers by. On every corner there’s a tuk tuk driver offering you a lift for a good price! Everyone here seems so happy and full of smiles!

This central area also holds the most important temples, so we decided to spend yesterday morning walking from one to another, taking in the sights, sounds and smells as we went. The buildings were exquisitely decorated, each different but so beautiful. I was surprised how much the girls liked them and sat down with the other peaceful people worshiping inside. In one a large group of Monks were happily eating their lunch with beaming smiles and it was fascinating to see the elder monks sat in meditation, hardly moving a muscle!

Soon the temperature of the day began to heat up so we decided to jump (read squeeze!) into a tuk tuk for a speedy lift back to the hotel and jump in the pool to cool off!

In the evening we had booked a Thai food tour, so after a quick shower we met our local guide Coco in the lobby! (Molly desperately wanted to ask if his surname was ‘Nuts’ cheeky girl!!!😂)

Coco drove us to two different street market, the first near the northern Chang Phuak Gate served a variety of northern Thailand food, and the second at the Chiang Mai Gate was more local food from Chiang Mai. We went from stall to stall and tried so many different delicious dishes, from fragrant soups and steaming stir frys, to sweet doughnuts with green dipping sauces and juicy mango and sticky rice!

We all tried everything and Coco even taught us some basic Thai and got us to order many of the dishes ourselves, much to the vendors amusement! When we were dropped back at the hotel a few hours later we had many delicious food parcels and very full tummies! A great evening and would highly recommend if you’re ever in Chiang Mai!

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