Making friends with some very happy Elephants! By Molly and Daisy 

Elephants have been part of the Thai logging culture for many years, but since the government ban on tree cutting, elephant owners have been left looking for other work to do with their animals to make a living. Nowadays this often means forced rides, cruel training and a tough old life for the animals! There are now a lots of places to see Elephants around Chiang Mai, but we wanted to make sure we went to the right place that cares about and protects their Ellie’s!

Below is a little account of our day with the Elephants at Dumbo elephant Spa by the girls. It was clear to see how much the owners loved each of their animals….especially their cheeky baby Dumbo!

Our Day with the Elephants

Daisy: First we were picked up in a van and drove a long way up some twisty roads to see some elephants.

Molly: when we got there we fed the elephants some bananas, sugar canes, pineapple and pumpkin!

Daisy: there were 5 elephants in the family and one was a baby called dumbo, he had a brother who was 8 years old.

Molly: we saw where they slept under the trees in the forest! Did you know elephants tuck there trunk under their ear when they sleep to stop creepy crawlies going in!

Daisy: we got changed into swimming costumes and walked with them to the stream where they sprayed us with water! They were very cheeky!

Molly: Dumbo climbed all over his brothers back and they splashed each other, they were having lots of fun!

Daisy: when the elephants walked back they stopped and picked up dust and dirt and threw it all over themselves!

Molly: they walked back and we all had Thai lunch! Dumbo was very naughty and tried to gobble up more food!

Daisy: it was an Exciting day!

Molly: it was a Great day!


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