The first few days in Borneo 

Well I’ll admit this week has been a bit of a challenging one! Mother Nature sure has thrown it all at us, with 95% humidity and monsoon rains….it’s been very hard to find our feet here in Kuching. That mixed with the girls not enjoying the very sweet Malaysian food, and the small local supermarkets having very limited supplies of anything else, well it’s definitely been tricky! 

With traveling I guess there’s always going to be highs and lows, and unfortunately they’re greatly exaggerated in this environment. But the upside to hard days is that….well it can only get better, and when it does it’s amazing!

Between the downpours we have managed to get out and about to see some of the many pretty temples, market streets, and even catch up with friends for lunch.

We also managed to play a quick game of ping pong in the street before the rain came down and we had to dash home in our wet and slippery flip flops! (I refuse to wear anything else!)

We also made it to the semmangoh wildlife centre and were extremely lucky to see some wild orangutans that came for a sneaky free dinner. It’s towards the end of fruiting season here so there is still a lot of yummy fruit in the jungle for them to eat,  that mixed with the rain we were told they don’t often come back. So we felt very lucky to see three past members that had been released back into the wild swing in! Wow what beautiful and graceful creatures they were, with such gorgeously glossy red coats! We even saw one had a teeny baby about 3 months old! Just so cute and proof the program is working.

Kuching is a laid back little city, named after the many cats that were here when it was founded, in fact there’s statues, street artwork and memorabilia of cats all over the place, It’s nuts! There’s even a cat museum! We’ve not been  yet…but hey if the weathers still nuts we may make it!

This evening the stormy skies cleared and we have been out on a lovely traditional wooden boat cruise down the river, which was just stunning and absolutely what we all needed! Fresh air and calm mirror like waters…all our cares floated away.

We walked home chilled and relaxed, stoping at all the little market stalls that had set up along the lit up waterfront. The girls eyed up lots of pretty beaded bracelets, and spent forever picking out pieces to buy!

Hoping for some sunny days ahead!

2 thoughts on “The first few days in Borneo 

  1. Linda McCarthy says:

    Well Borneo is certainly a very different place = I liked Daisy giving us her CAT impression….very cool. You were indeed lucky to see the monkeys, such beautiful creatures and the baby monkey was so cute. I am sure you will see more as the days go on…


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