Sarawak Cultural Village, Borneo 

Gosh when it rains in Borneo…it really rains!

Yesterday we decided to take a trip out to the Sarawak cultural village, about 45 minutes from Kuching. On our drive there it was raining a little, and as we got closer and closer, the rain got heavier and heavier! 

Thankfully Den had brought along our raincoats, although mine no longer seems to have any waterproofing, so i indulged in a lovely blue poncho (read large plastic bag!) when we arrived! Boy did I look the part! 😂

On arriving we collected our little guidebooks/ passports which told us all about the different wooden buildings within the village, from the huge long house built on huge stilts to the beautiful Chinese house. Each structure had a stamp to collect for our passport , always a winner with the girls!

We worked our way around the village, climbing the fantastic notched steps and bridges into each building, where you could find out about the different tribes and people that lived in each. Some had ladies making traditional costumes, others had wood carvings…one even had sculls from the head hunting days (thankfully Daisy didn’t spot those!!).

We loved the bamboo bridges, complete with added streams, due to the amount of rain falling. We even tried our hands at poison dart blowing, watch out world Mollys surprising good!

The rain really came down whilst we were there, but it was quite amusing, and the colours of the jungle seemed so lush with large droplets of water running down the leaves into big puddles!

After a walk around all the different buildings we then went to see the cultural dance show, with dancers in full Malay costumes and warriors showing off their skills. Beautiful and amusing with one of the warriors taking a fancy to a lady in the audience. Part of the show I’m sure but made us all giggle!

We caught our bus back to Kuching in the afternoon, Molly and I snoozing all the way back!

A fun but very wet day!

One thought on “Sarawak Cultural Village, Borneo 

  1. Linda McCarthy says:

    It may have been wet but you seemed to all enjoy the day out. Molly yet again can came up trumps… good job Den packed the raincoats – I am sure you will be off to sunnier places very soon but I did like the photos of the village..xxxxxx


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