The first few days in Borneo 

Well I’ll admit this week has been a bit of a challenging one! Mother Nature sure has thrown it all at us, with 95% humidity and monsoon rains….it’s been very hard to find our feet here in Kuching. That mixed with the girls not enjoying the very sweet Malaysian food, and the small local supermarkets having very limited supplies of anything else, well it’s definitely been tricky!  Continue reading

Steamy Rotorua 

We have enjoyed the last few days in Rotorua with my family and it has sure been busy!

The town is famous for its volcanic geothermal activity, it’s pretty sulphur smelly with hot pools bubbling and steaming all over the place! So unlike anywhere we’ve been! We visited many pools, geysers and crater lakes in the area, all bubbling hot, with some incredible rock formations and the girls have done some great learning about how they all work.  Continue reading

Adeus Brazil! 

Just sitting at the airport in Rio waiting for our next flight to Buenos Aires, so I thought i’d do a little post to round up our time in Brazil.

Monday we enjoyed our last day in Paraty, we decided to take a quick tour (although in Portuguese!)

We were picked up in a jeep and took a little trip to the native Indian reserve, to see Continue reading

Lima, Peru

So we have finally arrived in Lima, Peru! Yesterday was a long old day of travel, a 7 hour flight from Los Angeles to Bogota, then a little wait in the Colombian airport for our connecting 3 hour flight on to Lima. We finally made it to our new Airbnb in the Barranco area at 3am local time, so we pretty much crawled into our beds and dropped off to the land of nod!  Continue reading