A couple of days in Buenos Aires 

Well what an alive and sexy city we find ourselves in! I’m not surprised it’s been nicknamed the small Paris of South America! It’s sort of a mixture of busy Parisian style avenues and streets combined with a passionate Latin American grit! 

The sprawling city is split up into different areas, and we are staying in the Bohemian San Telmo area,  in a very rustic Argentinian style sort of loft apartment. It’s very different and totally captures the essence of the area, which I love.

Outside along the cobbled streets there are little shops piled high with brightly coloured fruits and vegetables that smell so delicious, restaurants serving Juicy steaks, coffee shops and many antiques stalls with….well just about everything! Such a great area, and feels very safe with the children.

We have been here two days and have already squeezed so much in (including a lot of empanadas!!!).

One of the areas we have loved visiting is the La Boco area in the south, with its many colourful houses built here by the European immigrants that arrived in the docks. We sat and enjoyed a scrummy lunch at a local cafe and watched the many dramatic tango dances taking place around us. Our very own strictly!

This morning we took a short tour in a mini bus to get our bearings of the city and see the main sights and landmarks. This was great as we got to learn about the Buenos Aires history and some inside folk tales. We then revisited the places we wanted to explore more on foot throughout the afternoon, stopping at little bakerys and ice cream parlours along the way to pick up yummy treats!

We also decided to brave it with Daisy and head to the cementerio de la Recoleta (She’s not a fan of these things!) A labyrinth of paths fill this famous cemetery, and it’s the final resting place for many of Argentinas greats, including Eva Peron “Evita”. We managed to find it among the thousands of elaborate vaulted tombs, all of which resemble mini chapels some with beautiful stained glass windows. It felt weirdly okay to be pearing in through all the doors and windows and girls found it fascinating, not at all scary, the whole place felt very calm and peaceful.

Last night we went out to eat at a local restaurant, El Desnovel which was recommended to us by our Airbnb host. Well yes it’s true….Argentina does have the best steaks in the world! It was absolutely deelish! 😋 would it be very wrong if we ate there every night we’re here????

Well we still have a couple more days before the big flight to New Zealand, tomorrow I think we will chill a little, perhaps some schooling and Sunday we have the famous San telmo market before catching our flight! I wonder if we will need another suitcase!!!

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