A few days in LA! 

We arrived in crazy Los Angeles late Saturday evening, after a slow crawl in on the freeway!

We moved into our new Airbnb home in the Redondo Beach area, a eucalyptus tree lined residential area close to the beach. All very spiritual and hippy, but very family friendly.

After our long drive down the previous day we decided to spend Sunday chilling out. We had all slept in late so after a late breakfast we took a slow walk down to the beach to watch the surf and eat ice creams! The waves here are just so lovely to watch and the girls just love throwing their shoes off to feel the sand between their toes! Just what we needed.

Later on in the afternoon we took a short drive to Hermosa Pier to have a walk around, watch the fishermen at the end of the pier and again watch the gorgeous golden sun set.

A beautiful lazy day to start us off!

Today we were up early and thought we’d get some maths and spellings out the way before a full on tourist day! We have been journaling as we go along but so far not got the maths books out! So after some addition and place values maths work we hit sunny Hollywood!

We took the walk down the star walk of fame, and pleased the girls found some names they knew…Molly – Stevie Wonder, Daisy – tinker bell!!! We were pleased to spot a fellow McCarthy! (Melissa)

We mingled with the crowds at the Chinese theatre and placed our hands and feet in actors and actresses imprints. Daisy loved Donald Duck!

We then took the winding road up to see the Hollywood sign! Just had to be done! Coming back down through Beverly Hills, checking out all the large wealthy homes!

We finished off a jam packed day at the very cool Venice beach, watching the amazing skateboarding, surfers and even got in a little work out at muscle beach 💪 where Molly showed off her skills scampering up the long ropes to many surprised onlookers!

So far we are loving this crazy la la land! 

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