The day we fell in love with LA! 

Today whilst America was busy voting in their new president we decided to hire bicycles and cycle our way along the coast.

We hired two adult bikes one with a pull along bike for Daisy and a children’s bike for Molly from hermosa cycles shop. We’d packed some homemade lunch and set off in the warm Californian sun. 

We cycled along the strand a long stretch of beautiful beach front homes on one side, glorious white sandy beaches and rolling waves in the other! Picture perfect!

We peddled all the way along to Venice beach and back…a huge 26miles!!!😳 It was so gorgeous we just kept going! Cue tired legs and sore bottoms tomorrow!

We all picked our favourite houses along the way and stoped many times to watch all the surfers showing their skills on the waves.

Towards the end of the day more bikes joined the cycle path, along with joggers, rollerbladers and dog walkers. So many families were out on the beach after work and so many sports teams were practicing volleyball at the abundant nets along the beach, such a great vibe we almost felt like locals!

The girls have already declared they’re coming back to live here when they’re older, made their millions and bought their dream mansions! 😂 #i’mwiththem!

After returning our bikes at the end of another fab day, we soothed our tired feet in the cool sea and enjoyed some ice cream!

Los Angeles thank you, we will be leaving a little piece of our heart here with you when we leave tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “The day we fell in love with LA! 

  1. Sarah beckman says:

    Morning! So lovely to wake up to your posts! Looks like molly is getting a nice little tan! Still in bed oops!! Trying to pretend we don’t have to be getting up and out of the house for school whilst it is torrential rain outside 😭
    Such gorgeous photos again, can’t believe you biked for 26 miles, hope you have a rest day today!
    Lots of love xxxx


    • lucyemccarthy says:

      Yes it was a good day, not sure we’re getting tanned yet! Oh dear well it’s not long till Christmas break!
      I know 26 miles!!!! Thankfully sitting down today on our next drive! Love right back at you xxxx


  2. Kathie-mum-granny says:

    Well what a wonderful day you have all had !! And again beautiful photos. I love waking up to all your adventures 😄😎 🚴‍♀️🏄🍦🍦
    I wonder what it will be like when you wake up as I believe Mr Trump has just won the election 😱😱
    Love you all loads 😘💕💕💕💕


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