Driving down Big Sur and watching elephant seals!

Yesterday we checked out of our Monterey motel and after picking up some lunch supplies at the local store, we began the winding coastal drive down the scenic Highway One on our way to Los Angeles. 

The day looked gorgeous, the sun was shinning and the air felt warm. Finally packed the jeans in the case!

We pulled over at many vista points on the side of the road to take in the stunning views, some with quite a sheer drop! At one point the girls grabbed hands in comfort, pleased I had my camera to catch that moment! Very sweet! 💕

Because we had stopped at the pfeifer beach the evening before we decided to continue on and try and get to LA before nightfall.

Along the way we spotted a sign for elephant seal viewing so we pulled in and parked up. A welcome leg stretching moment! We walked over to the fenced viewing area and on the beach were hundreads of young male elephant seals. A park ranger gave us a leaflet and explained how these were the juvenile males and they would be here for about 30 days working out their hierarchy! And how all the females were further north with the larger alpha males, getting ready to have their pups in the spring.

It was great to stop and watch them all playing it out on the sand, and the girls thought they were funny and smelly!

We continued our journey onward south, and boy what a drive! We finally arrived at our new Airbnb in Los Angeles 9 hours after leaving Monterey! Gold awards this week go to the girls for being so chilled on such a long journey!

Lucy xx

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