Monterey Bay Whale watching! 

We weren’t planning on whale watching and I must admit after many failed dolphin hunting trips in Spain I was a little hesitant at splashing out on this one!

But boy am I glad we did! Monterey Bay coastwatch have a great system which tracks what mammals have been spotted each day in the bay. So we knew from looking at their past weeks spots,  there was quite a few humpback whales around! So we decided to go for it!

We boarded our boat at 12:30 (not before a lovely cuppa in a nearby cafe, which I probably could have sat in all day, but that’s another story!) and set out full steam ahead towards the deepest part of the bay, nearly 7000ft deep!!!

It was such a beautifully bright and sunny day, we were enjoying the gorgeous views and sea lions that kept popping up beside us. So when two huge humpback whales emerged not far from the boat it gave us all quite a surprise!

Well, Wow what creatures, they sort of relax on the water surface taking about 6-7 breaths of air then take a majestic dive down to feed showing off their fabulous tails!  The pair that we found seemed completely at ease with us nearby and kept diving down then coming up again near the boat! It was very exciting waiting to see where they would pop up next!

Now I know my photos don’t do them at all justice but I got a few snaps but then just wanted to watch them in all their glory!

A special day!

We finished off the day with a trip to pfiefer beach down the big sur, another sunset evening! Followed by pizzas at the big sur bakery! A budget blowing day!

3 thoughts on “Monterey Bay Whale watching! 

  1. hannahil33 says:

    What an experience… so amazing. The photos are fantastic. Loving reading the blog feel like we r on the adventure with u. Although I would have loved to be on that boat x

    Liked by 1 person

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