Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

After a crazy day of travel from Australia (missing tickets and mad dashes for connecting flights!) we finally arrived in the twinkling skyscraper city of Kuala Lumpur ready for the Asia part of our travels.

Our apartment is right in the centre of the city a short walk from the Petronas twin towers.  In fact we were excited to find we were staying on the 55th floor and had amazing views of the towers from every window! What luck, although I do find myself just sitting looking out the window for ages and ages! So fascinating to watch the city going about its business down below.

On our first day here we spent the majority of the morning finding our bearings along the busy streets and getting in some groceries. Odd to see the supermarkets selling Waitrose goods!

We were all feeling a bit jaded from the travel day so we decided to have a slow walk around the twin towers and it’s surrounding gardens in the afternoon. The girls were so pleased when we found the fantastic play park with almost a city of climbing frames and water play areas among the water falls and lush green gardens! Happy kids = happy parents

Today we were up early to head over to the Batu caves just outside the city. An area of many caves deep inside huge limestone rocks  and the site of a Hindu shrine and huge gold statue of Lord Murugan the god of war and fertility. We climbed the many steps up to see the shrine avoiding the crazy monkeys that climbed everywhere, and then went into the Dark Caves for a tour with the conservation team. It was a fantastic tour, complete with crash helmets and torches (it was totally pitch black!!)and we all learnt so much, not only about these caves and the 200,000 bats and other creatures that live inside but also all about the unique guano ecosystem going on. Travel school for the day done ✅ very interesting!

This evening we have been out on a food tour with a local Malaysian guy, we visited the street food markets and tried out lots of scrummy dishes…..and with a little coaxing the girls tried everything too, although I think their favourite was the dragons breath meringues cooled with nitrogen! 😳

So we have now returned to our little home, feet a bit tired from lots of walking but what a great couple of days to start our time here!

4 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  1. Linda McCarthy says:

    That gold statue looks huge – I don’t think I would like the caves with all those bats….but I would have liked the market – especially trying all the different foods – glad the girls gave it a try. I liked the photo of you all in the lift – going up that high must take some time to get to your floor, but looking out at the view its all worth it…xxxxxxxxx


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