Phnom Penh 

Well it’s been a funny old week here in Phnom Penh, we arrived late Tuesday and have had 5 days in a lovely apartment near the Royal Palace.

We have found this city to be a little hard work with the children, and after the excitement of Siem Reap it’s been a very quiet week. 

Also some of the main tourist attractions, such as the genocide museum and killing fields we decided we’re not suitable for the girls. We have discussed Cambodias civil war past with them but we didn’t feel they would react well to going to the sites.

So we have stuck to seeing the History museum full of treasures from the temples, the golden Royal Palace complex and the Russian market. All three were interesting, perhaps not the most exciting we’ve seen on our travels but we still enjoyed them and we did find new snacks likes lotus seeds which we’ve not come across before!

The weather has been very hot and humid, and we’ve had some amazing thunderstorms in the evenings! One storm was so crazy it was as if we were at sea with all the rain, wind in mist! It’s amazing how they arrive and then just pass through with the sun coming out behind it!

Just in case you’re wondering why we’re often in the same outfits in pictures, there’s a strict dress code on the Buddhist temples and palaces, shoulders and knees must be covered! So we have our temple visiting outfits of long trousers and tshirts! Its so hot wearing them and I am very much looking forward to throwing them in the bin before our final flight home!!!

Den has also been busy with interviews for jobs and the girls and I have been working on finishing up their journals, with lots of questions on their favourite countries, experiences, foods etc! It’s been fun to go back through all their work and our pictures, reliving it all to work out our top 10’s!

It all feels very close now and actually perhaps a slow week was just what we needed to get ourselves ready to return to life in the Uk. We only have 4 sleeps left before we return and still one more country to squeeze in! Where has the time gone!

2 thoughts on “Phnom Penh 

  1. Kathie-mum-granny says:

    Will miss all your wonderful posts and photos but so looking forward to the huggles and cuddles 😘💕💕💕 safe trip to Dubai and enjoy your last few days of traveling 😘💕💕💕
    Ps. I’ve got the 🍾🍾 🥂🥂😄😂 😘💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda McCarthy says:

    Incredible photos as usual , but I will be so pleased to see you all home and give you all a big HUG xxxxxx love from me xxxxxxx


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