The wonder of Yosemite national park!

Since arriving in America, Yosemite park has been the place that everyone we meet has said ‘you’re gonna love it’ ‘it’s the best!’so it really was up on it pedestal!

We arrived in Mariposa (a town close to the park) yesterday afternoon, and found our latest Airbnb rental! A little bear retreat (everything possible in the house has a bear pattern on it!) We needed a few groceries so drove into the little historic town and had a little walk around. Very cowboy/girl!

After a good nights sleep we were up bright and early, to first of all find out if we could drive up and into the Yosemite valley, there had been a substantial rock slide on the main road in and they were clearing the road overnight! Thankfully all was clear….horray!

So we begun the winding drive up into the park, and with every twist and turn of the road I could feel the excitement building! The sun was still low and there were low clouds in the tree lines that the sun was streaming through, it really was beautiful! On arriving at the entrance to the park we drove through a fantastic naturally formed rock archway and I could feel this was going to be a good day!

We followed the meandering river into the valley through the golden meadows and the frost was evaporating under the strong morning sun, creating a magical mist! So beautiful.

We stopped at the incredible bridal falls and Yosemite falls! You hear these waterfalls before you see them…they are immense!

We then stopped at the visitors centre, picked up a pep talk from a ranger on the places to visit! This place is vast and to see it all in one day was a push! Inside the visitors centre they also had a wonderful exhibit about the history of the park, from the Indians/settlers that clashed here to lots of informative infomation on how the valley was formed through glaciers, erosion, water movement etc! ✅ travel schooling done for the day! 😂

So we spent the day trekking some of the trails taking in the amazing sheer granite rock face that stretched up into the sky, finding amazing waterfalls and huge leaves!

We finished the day with a drive up to the sequoia grove and boy those trees are big! We found the ancient tree stump with the huge carved hole at the base, so big you can drive a car through! The tree is so old even the etched graffiti had 1905 dates on it!

Another beautiful national park, we are now home, tired feet up and enjoying a pizza! Another jam packed day! Xxx

One thought on “The wonder of Yosemite national park!

  1. Valerie Gosling says:

    Absolutely amazing photographs of the stunning scenery. I love it. For you guys to see it all close up must be fantastic.
    Glad you are all having a wonderful time, luv to all Valerie & gang 🙂


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